Surgery over for now.

My mom just let me know that my dad is going to be back in the room soon, and the surgery was much more difficult than anticipated according to the doctor, but he said he was happy with the result and his hand should heal OK, he will just have a plate in it for 6 months, similar to his hip and vertebra I think. His hand was apparently really smashed up. Will update again with any new info as it comes in.



Surgery time for Jerry

Jerry has just now been taken in for his final initial surgery on his broken hand. After this all his broken bones have been set and internal bleeding stopped. Still has a bit of a fever, but is a relatively low risk at this point. The doctor has said that air tube removal tomorrow is likely. My dad seems to be wanting more and more to have it taken out. Hope this all goes well. The cats both keep meowing at me from his room even, we’re all wanting him back home.


Fever lowered – Status update for Jerry as of Wednesday, 1/14/2015 5:00 am

As of 5:00 am today on the 8th day for Jerry Frey in the hospital, my mother has told me a few more things to post about my father’s condition. His fever has gone down a bit, to below 102. He has a cold blanket that circulates water through it cooling him down. Respiratory check by a nurse at the time of update was all clear, as was x-ray of lungs. His right arm is set and bound, but right hand is still broken, which is possibly today’s surgery. The rest of the major surgeries are done as far as I’m aware. Hopefully breathing tube will come out soon so we can lower his sedation and actually talk to him sometime, but no plan as of yet. Could be today, could be in a week. That’s pretty much it for this update. I’ll post some pictures below for anyone that wants to see some of the damage from the last week themselves.

-Kevin Frey (Son)

IMG_20150106_1643191 IMG_20150110_1615351

Update on Jerry’s status as of Tuesday afternoon with pics of bike remains. (1/13/2015)

Here’s the latest update as far as I’m aware:

He’s sedated right now and has a breathing tube in, but overall OK it seems. Broken pelvis that has been reconstructed, single broken vertebra at base of ribcage that was successfully tied to touching vertebra for fusing, broken right arm and wrist that still has to have another surgery at least, but the doctor said he would be golfing by summer and his lack of critical injuries and recovery have been amazing. He just got a fever though so even though he passed a neurological and breathing test, they kept the breathing tube in while they find the source of the fever. If you look at the bike, it’s a tall bike, the tire and frame took most of the hit, he just went tumbling at 80, and helmet came off after a few flips and he hit the back of his head a bit. Wish we had gotten him my carbon fiber full face helmet instead of his flip up modular, but glad he survived.

-Kevin Frey (Son of Jerry)

Here’s the bike:

20150112_12583120150112_125936 20150112_125953 20150112_125959 20150112_130006 20150112_130024