Jerry Frey has passed away on January 22nd, 2015. This website was dedicated to sharing the recovery status of Jerry Frey with family and friends. He was hit on Monday, January 5th 2015 on his way home from work on his motorcycle, and the person that hit him was under the influence and driving at over 120 miles per hour. This left him severely injured, requiring multiple surgeries and therapy. Right before being released, there were complications, and his heart and lungs gave out. The UCI medical team was unable to stabilize him. Please avoid drinking and driving, or speeding on the public roads. My Dad’s death could have been avoided.

Kevin Frey


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  1. Hi Kevin. I worked for Jerry a couple of years at Raytheon and rode for about 20 years myself, so we talked bikes a bit, even after Raytheon. I have a couple of photos of Jerry with his R1 and Tiger and in the desert. If they would be of interest in his memorial or elsewhere, I can send them and probably find higher-resolution versions if desired. Let me know if so.

    Kevin, I greatly admired your dad. He was one of the two best people I knew in 28 years at Raytheon. He made it easy to give my all for the project, a rare thing in my experience. All carrot, no stick. Great, great guy – I don’t know anyone who disliked him. I’ll miss him, as will we all. Your family has my deepest sympathy following this tragedy.



    1. Thank you John. He is the best person I have ever met, and I’m glad others feel the same way. Yes, I would love any and all pictures and videos of him. If you could send them to or put them in a dropbox or some other hosting service, or even mail it, I can send shipping labels for anything. I’ll put anything people can give me on the memorial site I am making at

      Kevin Frey


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