More updates: Finally got to see my dad without a breathing tube for the first time in a week and a half

So my dad seems to really be alive and moving today, but seems to be disoriented from all the medication and pain. Trying to have a conversation with him is still a bit difficult (bolded to make sure it’s more easily seen, for all of us that want to call, talk to, visit, and hear him actually speaking logical coherent things like normal) because of his attention span from meds, pain level, and bruised throat from the breathing tube that was there for a week and a half. He is also breathing harder and heavier than usual with a little bit of a pant, probably because of his throat being bruised, not being used to breathing again, and maybe a little bit because of the opiates. He was making comments though, in whispers, and recognized me and everyone, reacted to everything more or less, but the few things he said were things like “we need to go back to the last place” (from my experience with painkillers from when I was sick, opiates cause one to think they are somewhere else doing something else in a dream-like state, and then they snap out of it most of the time by the sound of their own voice saying something random and unrelated to what’s going on around them, and they snap back into reality while in the middle of saying it), “oh, I’m in a hospital”, and “I want to get out of here”, and things like that, but gave a definite yes to the fact he was wincing from pain and trying to think, and yes for more pain meds, even answered yes repeatedly so that we were sure we weren’t randomly drugging him needlessly. He kept seeming like he felt like he needed to go do something as well. Mom kept telling him to just sleep and rest and not worry about anything, but he quickly forgot. Not sure if he knows exactly where he is, but he is at least somewhat responding. Overall not a bad result for first day off the breathing tube I think. He looks like he may still have a bit of a fever, but it might be because of the swelling or damage from the fall. We’ll see how his recovery goes over the next few days and see how long he needs to stay in the ICU. I’ll be updating at least once or twice a day until he can do it himself, which will probably be at least a week, maybe longer. We’re all hoping for a speedy recovery though.


Side note: it feels a little weird riding around on my street bike now and seeing all of our motorcycles and magazines and how entwined in my dad’s life it all was, and the fact that it’s going to be a minute before he can use a motorcycle, which was his main source of transportation until now. I should have probably payed a bit more attention to their maintenance to keep all 4 remaining bikes running well.. All I know is to wax my chain regularly lol. My last chain lost it’s seals and almost fell off while I was commuting 100+ miles a day.. Also strange seeing him unshaven for a week, that’s more my style lol. (For those who don’t know, I’m going on 4 months unshaven, my beard and moustache are starting to get way long. I just keep working non-stop and forgetting it’s even there lol)


5 thoughts on “More updates: Finally got to see my dad without a breathing tube for the first time in a week and a half

  1. Thanks for the update, I used to work with your Dad when we were both at Hughes Aircraft Company in Fullerton some over 25 yrs ago. I offer my best wishes for his speedy recovery. I can tell he is in good hands.


  2. Thanks Kevin. Good to know that your Dad is making steady progress. Looking forward to when he’ll feel amenable to taking visitors.


  3. I just found out about Jerry’s ordeal. I am very sorry to hear this has happened but heartened by your reports that give hope for full recovery. Please let your dad know there are lots of folks out there pulling for him, me included.


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