Breathing tube out

Jerry got his breathing tube taken out just a few minutes ago. Next step is to get out of the ICU. I’m going to go down and see how he’s doing right now. I’ll update on his status after I return.



3 thoughts on “Breathing tube out

    1. It’s not a problem at all. I’ve been doing blogging and web sites for both of my new businesses so it’s just more practice that’s useful for everyone. Not spending any effort on search engine optimization, which is the only part of my websites that takes me a while to do still. I’ll let him know, but he was pretty disoriented from the pain and the meds today. Let me know if there’s anything you guys need or could use while he’s recovering besides the blog. Not sure what exactly what my dad was working on or what I could do, but I work out of the house as a consultant for web, programming, and computers/laptops/phones/tablets, and learn new things fast. He’s always helped me with everything so I’m trying to do everything I can for him while he’s not able.


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